The Trial & Sentencing

The Trial & Sentencing

patriotic-gavelIf you have pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor, and personally or through your attorney have discussed your position with the District Attorney’s representative and the case has not been resolved to your satisfaction, then a date will be set for a trial.

During the trial you, will have the opportunity to explain your side of the case and bring any lawful evidence to court which may exonerate you or lessen the charges. You may do this individually or through your attorney.

There is usually no jury, but a judge will hear your case. The judge will decide, based on evidence and the law, if you have been proven guilty  of the charges. If you are found found guilty, you will receive a sentence.

The sentence is what you are required to do by law, whether it be jail time, classes,  community service,  a fine or a combination of these.  Many times all or a portion of jail time is suspended on conditions of conduct and/or supervision by the County’s Department of Alternative Sentencing.

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